100Pillars continues to thrive even in the current construction crisis

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – Business Wire India The past three years have been the most turbulent in recent times. The first came COVID-19, a pandemic that has devastated people’s lives and brought the world to a standstill. Just as countries were making progress towards recovery, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict unfolded, posing a threat to world peace and the repercussions of this war are now affecting other economies. India’s construction industry, which contributes more than 8% of the country’s GDP, has largely borne the brunt of all this turbulence. An estimated 30% drop in investment and a disruption in construction activities have derailed an unorganized sector, plunging it into a state of chaos. Experts say the recovery is going to be slow and exhausting. The cost of almost all essential construction inputs has seen an unusual increase in the past six months due to the war situation. The current construction crisis has just skyrocketed Steel costs have increased by 30%, cement by 20% and concrete by more than 30%. The cost of labor and transport, which is largely dependent on food and fuel costs, increased by 15%. The net effect of these factors has pushed up overall construction costs by more than 12% and the cost of real estate is expected to rise with it. But few construction companies in India have turned the tide by turning the crisis into a boon. Among them, 100Pillars Constructions is one such company that has been able to thrive in the construction industry by generating more business with happy and satisfied customers.

Despite a huge blow in the market, 100Pillars Constructions continued to benefit its customers by providing smart features. They have two features, namely price lock feature and threshold feature. In the price lock function, if the customer pays 50% of the amount in advance, the remaining materials can be purchased at a fixed value, regardless of how the market rises. While in Threshold Feature, a certain capping percentage is provided on the supply of materials and the remaining materials can be paid out at a standard value if they fall within the threshold range regardless of market fluctuations. If the additional materials exceed the threshold value, considerable value may be charged. This helps the client to be flexible with their budget deviations and save unnecessary costs incurred in later stages.

100Pillars Constructions is a trusted name in the construction industry that started in 2018. In a short time after its inception, they have helped create not only homes but also create everlasting memories for its clients. . It was co-founded by long-time contractors and friends Srinivas Jayaram and Kishan Raj to simplify the construction process for plot owners looking for efficient construction. They identified many gaps in the procurement and project execution which helped them close the gaps by delivering a quality build to the clients with the help of one of the best and experienced in-house architect teams. They offer end-to-end customer ownership throughout the site execution journey with transparent pricing, smart technology and efficient labor management with all security measures in place.

A Dream home trip is made available with just a few clicks. The 100Pillars team has a user-friendly website where customers can instantly access quotes via WhatsApp and other online platforms. A dedicated customer support team guides customers with various customized packages for design and construction needs. The designs are steeped in both innovation and flexibility and are imbued with both quality and durability. They help ensure maximum customer satisfaction with a holistic approach by covering every minute aspect of construction. They even help to connect with certified and trusted vendors for all hardware sourcing requirements without much hassle. The entire construction journey is taken care of by the 100Pillars team from the signing of the agreement to the post-construction supervision by passing ownership from start to finish at all stages. They offer their services to a wide range of audiences, whether it is a villa, an independent residence or a commercial space. The company even has consultants who offer advice solutions to potential homeowners regarding land fees, registration fees, financial advice on home loans, and the pros and cons of various schemes.

100Pillars provides premium grades of cement and concrete where their project engineers perform over 130 quality checks. As an architect-led team, they have a dedicated team of experienced architects, project engineers and a customer support team who provide 12/7 support after delivery. One of the important qualities admired by their clientele is the respect of strict deadlines and even the minimization of delays in case of emergency. After construction, they offer a 10-year warranty for any structural damage. In case of defects related to material or product replacement, sealing or leakage, a 1 year warranty is provided.

No Third Party Intervention is present in the form of subcontracting at any stage of execution. 100% ownership is in the hands of the client at all stages of project execution covering all building and interior needs. The in-house architectural team Our design team has phenomenal experience delivering custom designs with 3D visuals for new habitats where there is room for custom modifications to client requests. There is a flexible payment system with various online options and receipts provided for each payment phase. It also helps the client to follow each execution process and intervene in case of any deviations or possible changes occur.

Currently, 100Pillars Constructions has delivered over 84 projects covering different corners of Bangalore. The 100Pillars team is tasked with responding to a limited number of quality projects across PAN India. If anyone is looking for a one-stop solution for all construction needs, then 100Pillars Constructions is the ultimate destination for New Abode.

For more information or if anyone wants to connect with them you can visit their website 100pillars.in To see the picture click on the link below: MR. Srinivas Jayaram and Mr. Kishan Raj Founders of 100Pillars Constructions PWR PWR

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