Abhishek Tandon re-elected president of ABVP Delhi for third term

For the third time in a row, Abhishek Tandon was unanimously elected chairman of the Delhi unit of Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad. Tandon is due to officially resume his duties on March 4 at the State Conference. In accordance with the standard of the Organization, Tandon would hold this position for one year, after which a new election would take place.

Speaking about priorities for his next year in office, Tandon said helping students overcome the academic loss they have suffered due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown will be the top priority of the organization. “Students have suffered in many ways due to the pandemic, which has impacted on the quality of education. While Delhi University has started with offline courses, we understand that it will take a some time for students and staff to get used to it to achieve normalcy.To bridge the academic gap caused by the pandemic, we will push for value-added courses.This is of particular importance for students of final year who need to enter the job market. Short summer courses to improve their skills and make them industry-ready would be a good way to help them in these uncertain times.”

Tandon said the organization’s other major focus area would be to ensure the smooth implementation of the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP). program aligned with NEP.NEP and facilitate this transition for students so that they receive a world-class, research-based education with more hands-on experiences,” Tandon added.

The three-time president of ABVP also underscored the need to include such courses in the curriculum that help students learn the ancient wisdom of India. “Our ancient texts have so much to offer in a wide range of subjects, including science, arts, medicine, mathematics, law, architecture, metallurgy and ecology, among others. Our modern educational system must include India’s rich heritage in the knowledge tradition course. This will encourage the holistic development of students and instill in them pride in Indian culture.” Meanwhile, Tandon also said that the social welfare works carried out by the “ABVP would be continued on a larger scale. At the peak of the pandemic, we launched several initiatives to reach out to those in need. ABVP organized massive Covid testing campaigns, delivered medical supplies and food parcels , taught students from poor families for free, and even helped tragedy-stricken families with funeral rites. Even though we have come out of the pandemic, the ABVP will continue to serve society in various ways. For example, we organize “self-protection” exhibitions in colleges for female students as part of the “Sahasi Mission”. Likewise, our activists are raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and distributing sanitary napkins as part of the “Ritumati” campaign. »

Asked about his personal goals for the upcoming academic year, Tandon said, “In ABVP there are no personal goals and whatever is decided collectively by the organization is implemented on the ABVP will carry on with the goal that has remained constant since our inception “punar-nirman” (reform) of the nation through “charitra-nirman” (character building). their career goals, we also aim to instill the values ​​of patriotism and service to the nation in them.

Michael J. Chiaramonte