An engineering firm has a long reach from the office of Oneonta | Economic news

Kristy Vander Werff’s business is growing.

The 32-year-old structural engineer is a project manager at Endwell-based Delta Engineering, working out of Oneonta in the Downtown Works office co-op at 166 Main St.

Beyond its headquarters in Endwell, Vander Werff said, Delta has offices in Schenectady, Syracuse, Vernon and Chevy Chase, Maryland. Delta Engineers, Architects & Surveyors was founded in 1976.

Together with her design team, Vander Werff said, she conceptualizes and implements sports-related engineering projects. According to a written statement, “Delta is a multidisciplinary services company that provides facilities engineering, transportation engineering, landscape architecture, surveying and mapping, environmental services…specialty prefab, construction administration and specialized sports engineering.”

“These are things that you find on a sports field – dugouts or concession buildings, but also one of our specialties is the cable netting systems that you find on baseball fields that protect fans,” said she declared. “They are goal posts and a whole range of things. We mainly work with a manufacturer from Delhi. I usually have two people on my team who do this type of design, but I’m in the facilities structural group, and there are eight people in it. Overall, Vander Werff said, Delta employs 122 people.

Vander Werff said his engineering niche aligned with his personal and professional interests.

“I design specialist sports engineering projects, but when I started I worked in the concrete group, designing underground utility structures – culverts, bridges and mostly bridge-related items,” she said. “Then I moved a manager who brought some sports stuff with him, and I was always into sports in high school and college, so it was a cool way to combine some hobbies with my career. That manager left and I took over the management of the product line.

Vander Werff said his move to Oneonta coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. She started working at Downtown Works in December 2020.

“My husband and I were going to be moving to Oneonta, but I wanted to continue working for Delta, so I started working remotely,” she said. “My husband works for DEP so he works in Downsville and that’s why we moved here but after COVID remote work has definitely become more popular and now we have other departments…working in other states or cities away from one of our main offices. ”

Vander Werff said his and the company’s situation is a diverse customer base.

“Certainly the majority of the business is in New York State,” she said. “But my team and the prefabrication team work with 49 states; the only state we don’t have a license in is Alaska. We work primarily with schools, but other departments work across the country. People are coming in (to the Downtown Works space), but they’re generally looking more for surveying and architectural work…and that’s definitely something Delta delivers.

Vander Werff said she was hoping for an expansion.

“My team is always looking to grow and do more things for the sports field,” she said. “We’re looking to get more out of the landscape architect group and coordinate with them and do the park planning and the general master plans. This is what my team is looking to grow towards.

Vander Werff’s office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information, visit or call Vander Werff at 607-231-6600.

Michael J. Chiaramonte