Ascension parish council member proposes term limits and censorship fines

GONZALES, La. (WAFB) – Members of the Ascension Parish Council and the Parish President currently serve without term limits.

At Tuesday night’s strategic planning meeting, council member Joel Robert proposed only three terms.

“Because it requires a lot of different people, it requires a lot of different interests and if you keep putting the same people in the same positions over time, maybe it gets us stuck in a rut or forces us to use the same different vendors, architects, engineers, when I think it should be changed,” he said.

The creation of term limits should be voted on by the people and lead to a modification of the parish charter.

“I think three terms is fair, and we’re not saying leave government, we’re saying ‘look at another position,'” Robert said.

Robert also proposes a fine of five thousand dollars for any council member who is censured.

“It seems excessive because it should be. If we disrupt the process and put a black eye on the parish we represent, we should be fined,” he said.

Robert said he wanted the fine to keep council meetings from getting carried away.

“I am the first of this advice that has been censored. So I don’t blame anyone, I’m one of the two.

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Michael J. Chiaramonte