bmc: Streets Project: Companies find Bmc terms too harsh | Bombay News

Mumbai: Several architects in the city have raised concerns about BMC’s Mumbai street transformation project. According to them, the conditions imposed by the civic body for hiring urban design consultants are so strict that it is impossible for the vast majority of architects and urban designers to participate in the project.
Earlier this month, the BMC launched a tender for the recruitment of urban design consultants for the renovation of municipal streets under the project for three years. Consultants are to survey assigned sites, map all activities and issues, conduct required surveys, and prepare conceptual and detailed design plans to make streets safer, more accessible, and more resilient.
Some architects who are in the process of writing a letter to the BMC have found the terms and conditions of engagement to be onerous. Some of them include conditions such as Rs 25 lakh cash in the bank account, a minimum turnover of Rs 50 lakh and 10 years experience in street design.
Architect Samir D’monte, one of the signatories of the letter sent to the BMC, said it was impossible for many young consultancies to comply with the condition of Rs 25 lakh and that such a condition would not guarantee the quality of the work. He said the Rs 50 lakh turnover requirement would exclude the majority of good companies.
Architect Pranav Naik of Studio Pomegranate said that one of the conditions of the BMC is the earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs 1 lakh retained for three years or more, confiscable if the consultant does not meet the eligibility criteria or if the consultant does not want to accept a particular project.

Michael J. Chiaramonte