CEO of Ahwatukee aboard the iconic fireboat museum | Business

An Ahwatukee man who founded and leads a global disaster prevention company headquartered here has been named to the board that preserves a national icon in the world of firefighting.

James Tomes, chairman and CEO of Telgian Holdings, Inc., was recently named to the board of directors of the Fireboat “Fire Fighter” Museum.

The firefighter protected New York City for more than seven decades during some of the most heartbreaking incidents in American history, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the “Miracle Landing on the Hudson.”

Known as “America’s Fireboat,” the firefighter provided brave service during World War II and is a National Historic Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve on the Fire Fighter Board of Directors,” said Tomes. “The Fire Fighter is the most decorated fireboat in the world and a true embodiment of the commitment and sacrifice of firefighters and fire protection professionals across the country.”

From a fire code development and fire testing company that Bill Tomes, a retired firefighter and fire marshal, started in San Diego in 1985, Telgian has grown into a safety Goliath headquartered social is located near I-10 and Elliot Road in Ahwatukee with incomes over $75. million.

Its 350 employees — about half in Arizona and the rest in 31 other states — provide services that protect some 50,000 schools, hotels, department stores, government buildings and other facilities across the United States.

Telgian offers C-suite risk management advice and can lead a construction project from site assessment through design, engineering and construction, as well as perform ongoing inspections and maintenance throughout the lifetime of an installation.

James Tomes, the founder’s son, has been responsible for Telgian’s success since 1999. And, as a force for positive change within the fire protection industry for decades, he has also served on several management committees. National Fire Protection Association Global Code Development.

Tomes continued to grow the company with the help of current Chairman of the Board, Russ Leavitt. Telgian moved to Arizona in 2001, settling first in Chandler and finally landing in 2015 in Ahwatukee, a convenient location for a workforce dominated by residents of the Phoenix and East Valley communities.

Its headquarters in Ahwatukee is home to the holding company and one of its two operating companies, Telgian Fire Safety; Its other operating company, Telgian Engineering and Consulting, is based in Atlanta.

Designed by famed naval architect William Francis Gibbs in 1938, Fire Fighter was considered a marvel of modern engineering, capable of pumping 20,000 gallons of water per minute to nine fire monitors and powered by one of the first power plants diesel-electric never installed on a ship. of its size.

Its design was so advanced and its performance so impressive, in fact, that throughout its 72-year active career, Fire Fighter remained in essentially unchanged operational condition, outlasting all of its contemporaries and even the majority of boats. -FDNY pumps half his age.

Decommissioned in 2010, the museum is dedicated to preserving the fireboat as a fully functioning ship, memorial and educational museum. As a longtime leader in the fire and life safety industry, Tomes is committed to preserving this heroic vessel which is a maritime icon within the fire service industry.

“I look forward to the opportunity to offer my experience and knowledge to contribute to the Fire Fighter by increasing the visibility of the historic vessel and raising awareness of the need to preserve this truly unique piece of American maritime history,” said said Tomes.

Tomes is also active in an advisory capacity with numerous organizations, including the Arizona Sustainability Alliance Board of Directors, Greater Phoenix Chamber Board of Directors, Arizona Bank & Trust Advisory Board, Advisory Board San Diego Military, the San Diego Naval Medical Center Surf Clinic, and the US Chamber. the Trade Advisory Council, among others.

“We are pleased to warmly welcome James Tomes as a new member of the Board of Trustees,” said Charles Ritchie, Founder/Chairman of the Museum. “Jim’s enthusiasm and energy, coupled with considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of fire protection, will be instrumental as we continue our work together to preserve the firefighter as a memorial and educational museum. .”

Michael J. Chiaramonte