Czech rail manager creates high-speed rail unit

The railway infrastructure manager of the Czech Republic, Správa Železnic, will create a new organizational unit specifically responsible for the preparation, construction and operation of high-speed lines.

High-speed rail in the Czech Republic is a top priority for the country, with plans to build five new lines that are to link Prague, Brno and Ostrava to Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Katowice and Bavaria (Germany). Due to the need for more efficient management of the preparation of high-speed trains, the board of Správa Železnic has now decided to create a new organizational unit. There, the preparation of the lines, their construction and their subsequent operation and maintenance will be centralized.

Správa Železnic is currently preparing detailed documentation for zoning decisions for five sections of new high-speed lines and is currently looking for material suppliers for the next three sections. The first of the planned Czech high-speed lines, a four-track line between Prague-Běchovice and Poříčany, is being designed by a Czech-French-British consortium.

The five future high-speed lines in the Czech Republic, source: Czech Ministry of Transport

The “Fast Connections” development program, approved in 2017, provides for the creation of up to 700 kilometers of new high-speed lines in the Czech Republic. The operation of the first sections of the new high-speed lines is expected to start around 2030. Správa Železnic assumes that up to 300 kilometers will undergo a next stage of preparation this year. The network will also include high-speed rail stations, for which the company announces architecture and urban planning competitions. The architectural designs of the Prague East high-speed terminal and Roudnice nad Labem are already selected.

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Michael J. Chiaramonte