EDB launches EDB BigAnimal DBaaS on AWS

BEDFORD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EDB, the global leader in enterprise Postgres® acceleration, announced the general availability of EDB BigAnimal™ on Amazon Web Services (AWS), in addition to its current availability on Microsoft Azure. BigAnimal, EDB’s fully managed Postgres cloud database service, offers database administrators, architects and others an enterprise Postgres solution combined with expert support and the freedom to choose where they deploy in the cloud. EDB is already the recognized leader in Postgres, offering Postgres solutions for hybrid and public cloud on-premises, on virtual machines or Kubernetes. With BigAnimal, EDB adds a fully managed Postgres cloud solution to its portfolio.

Businesses are increasingly adopting fully managed cloud services to free themselves from routine activities. For databases, enterprises are looking for flexible solutions that support their most critical applications, securely handle their valuable data, and allow them to run seamlessly in the cloud. As an independent Postgres vendor, EDB meets this need with BigAnimal. BigAnimal uniquely provides the most comprehensive Postgres service and support available, native compatibility with Oracle database technology, and extremely high availability. It also gives businesses the freedom to choose or switch cloud providers, with peace of mind that their customers’ data is secure within their own cloud tenant.

“Customers turn to EDB for our ability to build and support enterprise-grade Postgres solutions at a depth unmatched by other Postgres vendors,” said Rich Kennelly, senior vice president of cloud sales and marketing for EDB. “With EDB BigAnimal in Azure and AWS, we are meeting the demand for a fully managed Postgres solution that can be deployed when and where businesses need it. This allows organizations to focus on the applications that drive their business forward, while ensuring there are Postgres experts to tackle any complex database challenges.

Features and Benefits of BigAnimal:

  • Fully managed Postgres service – With Postgres experts handling activities such as availability, high performance, monitoring and 24/7 backups, BigAnimal allows customers to focus on building new applications and solutions rather than operating their own Postgres environment.
  • Built-in compatibility with Oracle databases – Built-in support for key Oracle features means Oracle applications can run on Postgres with minimal code changes, enabling faster benefit from Oracle migrations.
  • Extreme high availability – BigAnimal offers high availability and, soon, extreme high availability when EDB Postgres Distributed becomes available within BigAnimal.
  • Full data control – Customer data is fully isolated within the organization’s own cloud tenant and is encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • choice cloud – With a consistent user interface, BigAnimal provides a familiar Postgres experience in AWS and Azure.

For more information about EDB and BigAnimal, and to sign up for a trial, please visit www.enterprisedb.com/biganimal.

About the EDB

EDB provides enterprise-class software and services that enable organizations to harness the full power of Postgres, the world’s first open source database. With offices around the world, EDB serves more than 1,400 customers, including financial services, government, media, communications and information technology. As a leading contributor to the vibrant and rapidly growing Postgres community, EDB is committed to driving technology innovation. With deep database expertise, EDB guarantees high availability, reliability, security, 24/7 global support and advanced professional services, both on-premises and in the cloud. This allows businesses to control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently. For more information, visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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