French President Macron says ‘Russians must be respected to achieve long-term peace’

Amid the Ukraine crisis, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday stressed that Russia and its people must be treated with respect, saying a long-term peace would not be possible without Russia’s participation. His statement comes as the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate and enters its thirteenth day. The French President said that it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain all possible human links, in particular by continuing to communicate with the Russian and Belarusian people through artists, intellectuals, technical cooperation, businesses and NGOs.

“It is our task to continue talking with the leaders, even if we have differences (…) and to always respect Russia as a country and the Russian people,” Macron said at a pre-election meeting. in the commune of Poissy – located in the western suburbs of Paris, Sputnik reported. The French president also stressed that it would be impossible to speak of lasting peace if Russia was not part of the “great peace architecture” of the European continent. According to media reports, a wave of Russophobic sentiments has swept across European Union countries, including attacks on Russian diplomatic missions, organizations and individuals, following Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine. .

France condemns Moscow’s proposal to open evacuation corridors from Ukraine to Russia

The representative office of the Russian Agency for International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) in Paris was reportedly attacked on Monday 7 March. According to Sputnik, a lorry also collided with the gates of the Russian Embassy in Dublin on the same day. Meanwhile, French President Macron on Monday condemned Moscow’s proposal to open evacuation corridors from Ukraine to Russia, calling it “moral and political hypocrisy”. “I don’t know if many Ukrainians want to take refuge in Russia. It’s hypocrisy,” Macron told French TV channel LCI. Associated Press (AP) reported.

Ukraine will provide financial assistance to citizens of areas most affected by the war

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has declared that residents of areas most affected by the war will be eligible for financial assistance. According to the Ukrainian State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, salaried employees and private contractors could receive remuneration of 6,500 Ukrainian hryvnia. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has claimed that Russia is “preparing to disrupt” the evacuation process as the first stage of the operation has begun in the city of Sumy.

Image: AP

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