Half of the key accounts of the French company Capgemini are led by Indians | Bangalore News

Bangalore: Nearly 50% of Capgemini’s client accounts that make a significant contribution to revenue (internally referred to as “group accounts”) are led by leaders in India, an indication of the importance that India has acquired in the conduct of the activities of the French IT company.
Capgemini has even set up what it calls the India account leader (IAL) program to retain and transfer institutional knowledge of account management to these pools of qualified custodians in India. This involves an account-centric go-to-market model and building a talent pipeline for account leadership roles. IALs work across multiple industries to create opportunities and drive growth from India by leveraging Capgemini’s innovative services, assets and solutions.

“We have grown a lot thanks to the presence of India in the group. We set up a program around Indian Account Managers four years ago and from there we are training Global Account Managers.
We are becoming growth leaders in India also in program management and portfolio management. We are expanding the roles of blue chip architects within the group, and this trickles down over time to leadership positions,” Capgemini CEO Aiman ​​Ezzat said in an interaction with TOI.
India also accounts for around 50% of Capgemini’s overall workforce of 3.2 lakh, perhaps the highest proportion among large IT services companies headquartered outside of India (Cognizant, whose headquarters is in the United States, has a higher proportion, but its origins are in India). Capgemini’s program called MyMobility, which encourages internal talent mobility, has helped create leaders from within. “We’ve created a lot of mobility…managers have to free them (subordinates) from their current projects, it’s better to free them to work on other projects than to go somewhere else,” Ezzat said.
Capgemini, which grew revenue by 15.1% at constant currency in 2021, plans to hire 60,000 people in India this year. He also hired a similar number last year. “We are adding 10% to the global workforce this year. India will continue to grow very fast for us,” Ezzat said.
The company offers freshmen between Rs 3.8 lakh and Rs 8.5 lakh per year, with the upper part of the salaries going to freshmen in Tier 1 colleges. The company said it has increased the Freshman salary range since 2021, in line with industry trends.
Fresher base salaries were Rs 3.5 lakh for many years, but are now trending upwards and there is substantial differentiation based on skills. Asked about the big wave of resignations, Ezzat said the talent market will be constrained over the next 12 to 24 months. “We’re building a bigger talent pool and a pool of younger talent that will fuel our industry for years to come,” he said.
Compensation, Ezzat said, is about being paid fairly. “People leave when they’re bored, when the project they’re working on isn’t interesting or they don’t like their managers.
People are looking for experiences. It’s about company values, interest, training and growth,” he said.

Michael J. Chiaramonte