Here’s how Venus Williams grew her multi-million dollar business ‘V Starr’

As a pioneering businesswoman, Venus Williams built V Starr into a multi-million dollar business.

Venus grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton with her sister Serena, where they were coached by their father Richard from an early age. Through their dedication and hard work, they became the most successful tennis players between the 1990s and the early 2000s. She won seven Grand Slams in the open era and achieved several records. Although tennis was always the biggest goal in her life, the player was encouraged to pursue other interests. In 2002, she established her interior design company V Starr, which has grown into an award-winning company that selects the best designs for commercial and residential purposes. Valued at $60 million, the company continues to make a difference.

From deciding to pursue a new venture while playing tennis to balancing her separate jobs, Venus Williams has poured her heart and soul into V Starr. Let’s see how she started and grew her multi-million dollar business.

3 Find your passion and pursue it

While the star player spent most of her time playing tennis, her parents encouraged her to discover herself off the court. As a teenager, she realized her passion for design and later decided to pursue it. According to Elle Decor, the athlete decided to go to school and devote herself to interior design because her parents wanted her to do something other than tennis. With her family’s encouragement to start the business, she founded V Starr in 2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida, at just 23 years old, after completing her master’s degree in interior design.

When William started her business, she was already a two-time Wimbledon champion and two-time US Open champion. Fame has helped her promote her business on a larger scale than any other start-up; his first client was two-time NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer, as noted Yahoo News. She designed her Miami beachfront condo while the player signed with Utah Jazz. She transformed the residential space with her talent and work started pouring in for the tennis star, who has also collaborated with stars over the years to create highly acclaimed projects.

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2 Learn entrepreneurship with interior design

Williams and his team of designers worked on several high-end projects, including the design of the Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago. In 2018, she landed her biggest contract when she was commissioned to design a 324-unit apartment building. As reported by Forbes, his company has teamed up with Airbnb partner Niido, a global resort group, to add his creativity to the job in Kissimmee, Florida. His work included the design of common amenities such as the gym, swimming pool, game room and concierge service station to provide residents with a hotel-like experience within the apartment complex. Since Niido landed a $200 million deal the same year with Brookfield Property Partners, she may soon find herself working with the firm.

The tennis star has also worked on the design of tennis stadiums, youth centers, hotels and universities. Venus’ other notable project was the design of the Oriana luxury apartments in New York in 2019. As she teamed up with her sister for the Doubles tournaments, the sisters came together for a new project when she designed Serena’s stunning home in Florida. The older sister did a three-year renovation on her home which now features a gallery-like entrance hall, a secret karaoke room and an expansive backyard pool.

1 Winning on and off the field

Since Venus rose to prominence with its designs in 2017, V Starr Interiors has received several accolades over the years. As mentioned by V Starr, the company won the NEWH Golden Palm Award for the tennis lounge designed in the Midtown Athletic Club. In 2021, the company also won the Interior Design HIP Award in the Hospitality department. A trained and seasoned design professional, the designer has been a keynote speaker at various events including the Indie Congress DTLA.

Williams’ entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at V Starr Interiors. Similar to her sister, Serena, the tennis legend has invested and founded other businesses to continue her journey to diversify her portfolio. Along with her sister, she is co-owner of the Miami Dolphins. The older sister is also the founder and owner of athleisure brand EleVen, which is specifically designed for women’s sportswear. Its clothing line offers tennis equipment and everyday sportswear for women. Venus also immersed herself in the restaurant world after becoming part owner of Jamba, a mixed fruit and vegetable juice company.

The tennis star found passion outside the tennis court and made sure to keep her dream alive. Eager to make a living from her entrepreneurial abilities, Venus Williams propelled V Starr Interiors and her team to new heights. In March 2022, his company V Starr collaborated with American design firm Wolf-Gordon to launch a collection of Muse upholstery fabrics.

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