IoT company Skiff Energy Tech secures tens of millions of yuan in pre-A funding – Pandaily

Hangzhou-based Internet of Things (IoT) company Skiff Energy Tech announced on Friday that it recently completed a pre-A financing round worth tens of millions of yuanfollowing strategic investment from Hyperchain, one of China’s leading providers of blockchain products and application solutions.

Ma Xing, the company’s founder, said the new funds would be used to expand his team, improve product R&D, increase market sales, and implement blockchain technology in the storage industry. energy.

Founded in 2016, Skiff Energy Tech is an IoT technology company focused on the energy storage industry. Based on an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology platform, the company provides comprehensive operation and maintenance management solutions for energy storage power plants, covering the entire operation process. energy management, security, operation and maintenance, settlement and financing. . It has now served dozens of energy storage plants.

Skiff Energy Tech launched “Light EMS” cloud synergy system, which has various strategies such as peak shaving, load tracking and optical storage coordination, meeting current user needs in today’s market. At the same time, the system can intelligently plan the best mining strategy for the future using dynamic programming and machine learning algorithms, based on diversified stresses and historical mining data.

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This system also adopts cloud-edge synergy integration design architecture, so that users can adjust their cloud PCS/AC strategy to realize unattended operations. It can also realize the collaborative management between the platform end and the local end, providing a technical basis for linking multiple energy storage systems.

In addition, the firm launched the “energy storage housekeeper”, a cloud-based energy storage platform that can realize multi-station monitoring operations. The platform focuses on comprehensive monitoring of multiple stations performing high-frequency data acquisition, and monitors and presents the performance and electrical parameters of multiple energy storage systems in real time. It also has the capabilities of battery analysis and early warning, proactive safety prevention and control, intelligent operations, load aggregation and centralized control, shared energy storage and energy storage insurance.

Michael J. Chiaramonte