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Lenny’s Love Nest

The Love Nest Getaway loft in Nanyuki. PICTURES | IRENE MUGO | NMG

Situated in the middle of a 150-acre wheat farm in Nanyuki is a cabin dominated by acacia trees and surrounded by a grassy carpet dotted with assorted flowers and medicinal plants.

It was built at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when the government imposed strict movement restrictions.

The owner, Lenny Gitonga, had returned home for a holiday two years ago from Australia where he resides. He had hoped to party with his family and friends and then return to the “lower country” where he worked as an architect for seven years.

Then the government imposed lockdowns and suspended flights to curb the spread of the virus. Suddenly Lenny had plenty of free time as the government grounded flights for months.

To keep busy, he needed a plan. He thought why not build a cabin. After all, he needed his place when he eventually moved out.

“With the help of two of my friends who had accompanied me during the holidays, I enjoyed building the house myself. It was profitable because we have a family sawmill where I bought most of the wood for carpentry,” he said. in a telephone interview.

The house borrowed heavily from the Australian architectural style.


The kitchen area of ​​the Love Nest Getaway loft in Nanyuki. PICTURES | IRENE MUGO | NMG

But just as he was finishing the project, the government started easing restrictions and soon he was called back to work.

Being away from work, he figured the cabin shouldn’t fall apart from lack of use. Lenny decided to open it to lovers on getaway excursions, as well as to businessmen on solo trips.

To ensure the house is well maintained, he has hired an agent – ​​Nimmohs Homestay – to manage the property.

Wairimu Ndungu, Manager of Nimmohs Homastay, says the hut is the perfect getaway for people looking to escape the noisy cities and relax and reflect while enjoying the bliss of the countryside.

“The setup provides an intimate space to relax and unwind,” says Wairimu.

The cabin doesn’t have a TV or Wi-Fi, which is deliberate to allow people to immerse themselves in the space without distractions.

“We don’t have any electronics other than what you take with them and that’s the intention to allow people to just enjoy being here without worrying about what’s going on in the world. L he idea is for people to leave technology behind and connect with nature,” says Wairimu.

Inside the hut there is a kitchenette and a dining area where you can cook food from the farm. There is a staircase leading up to the bedroom with a huge window overlooking the farm which has vegetables, potatoes, dairy and poultry.

From the bedroom terrace, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset filtered by the branches of the large acacia trunks that surround it.


The Queen size single bed of the Love Nest Getaway loft in Nanyuki. PICTURES | IRENE MUGO | NMG

Depending on the day of the week, charges for one night at the Love Nest vary from Sh5,000 to Sh10,000.

“We always customize this place to meet our customers’ needs, whether it’s a wedding anniversary, holiday or birthday treats,” says Ms. Ndungu, noting that the premise allows customers to take with their pets.

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