LETTER: Say no to a third term for Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, electing his running mates

In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Milan Sebik explains what other local voters should say no to a third term for Mayor Jimmy Davis, as well as the election of his running mate.

Dear Editor,

Thinking back to the 2014 election year, it reminds me a lot of where Bayonne is now.

The power struggle at the top, politically connected candidates, closed doors, threats, lawsuits, behind-the-scenes intimidation and the hostile work environment created by Mayor Davis’ lack of direction and leadership .

Every decision goes through the legal department and this is indicative of the essentially hostile work environment at City Hall. You don’t have to be a genius to see revolving doors. Administrators should not be limited in their functions for political reasons.

This is the main crux of the problem.

City Hall doesn’t need more payroll law firms or more politics, it needs a complete overhaul of leadership, management and the policies and procedures that are managed and applied by leaders in love with our city and people who devote their lives to helping the taxpayers of Bayonne.

In my opinion, the majority of the seeds planted in 2014-2018 were thanks to the advice and hard work of Joe Demarco, Sal Gullace and Sharon Nadrowski. Yes, those were the years when there was a very different Mayor Davis.

This Mayor Davis was all about Bayonne and didn’t care about power and ego or Jersey City for that matter. The 2014 election was huge for Bayonne because it broke the HCDO machine and the Hudson County political machine.

Bayonne wanted truth and transparency about lies, bullying and propaganda. The fruits of the first mandate are starting to germinate but this last mandate has been for the most part delay after delay and not only because of the Covid.

Over the past two years, we have seen clear changes. The ever-changing merry-go-round of hiring, placeholders that served no purpose, the escalation of lawsuits, closed-door meetings, no more mention of the mayor’s hours.

There are a few elected officials who speak in the shadows and the funny thing is they truly believe that no one sees how the changes have affected every aspect of mismanagement in OUR city.

Rumors that began in early 2021 that 2nd Ward Councilman Gullace and Council Chair Sharon Nadrowski would be started. These rumors eventually turned out to be true. Mayor Davis has repeatedly said the team will be intact unless they want to leave.

Why would the mayor lie for about nine months when he knew the truth. It’s not even clear yet why a future Assembly Majority Whip Nicholas Chiaravalloti hasn’t been endorsed by the mayor? Nicholas was a good navigator at Trenton and a defender of Bayonne.

Why pick a stranger with no experience in Trenton? How does this help our city? It didn’t make any logical sense.

Look around the Davis team and you’ll see like we saw in 2014, mostly people from out of town advising, knocking on doors, etc.

Remember, Fulop wants to go higher and the people of Bayonne won’t forget when Mayor Fulop said in 2018 “If it’s coming from Bayonne, leave it alone” and “14A stay away” and denigrate the “Bayonne Box” type architecture.

Tell Fulop to cancel his weekly meetings with Mayor Davis and stay out of Bayonne on May 10 and trust Sharon Nadrowski and vote for her team of seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs and proven leaders for our children.

Bayonne doesn’t need to become more political, it needs more people who care.

Jean Milan Sebik
Inhabitant of Bayonne

Michael J. Chiaramonte