Motion control company Movensys aims to tap display and battery markets

To diversify the source of income from chips, says the president.
Company also developing IIoT sensors for predictive maintenance

Movensys Chairman Yang Boo-ho Image: TheElec

Motion control company Movensys aims to expand into the display panel and lithium-ion battery markets.

The company’s chairman of the board, Yang Boo-ho, told TheElec that the company plans to upgrade its motion control solution with machine learning and data analytics to achieve this, while by offering new Industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors for new revenue.

Movensys’ motion control solution is completely software-based, which means customers only need their PCs to apply in their factories, Yang said.

It has its own software architecture for this, so it will be difficult for competitors to imitate Movensys’ solution, the president said.

Movensys’ motion control technology is called WMX and can be used to control various factory equipment at high speed and from multiple angles through a Windows PC.

Customers do not need to purchase additional hardware to change their motion controller configuration like those in PLC-based systems. The company’s customer base is primarily made up of manufacturing equipment manufacturers.

Yang said Movensys is customizing its solutions so that equipment setup and coding become simpler so those in industries other than semiconductors can have easy access to them.

Meanwhile, machine learning and data analytics are added to these solutions to realize predictive maintenance functionality. IIoT sensors are a core part of this and substantial development has been done so the company can bring them to market, Yang said.

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