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Refer to ‘Fighting Inflation’; the remedy of increasing income, employment, consumption, capacity utilization and public deficits to negotiate inflation can only be effective in the long run. Inflation is a macro phenomenon and cannot be explained by the analogy of increasing an individual’s income to cope with soaring prices. The inflation was triggered by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which limited the supply of essential productive inputs and food. To deal with such an economic demand, the orthodox monetarist strategy of regulating the money supply through a restrictive monetary policy would be the most robust approach.

Vikram Chadha, Amritsar

Sedition Review

In historic order, the SC has suspended trials in all sedition cases across the country until the government completes its exercise of reviewing the provisions of Section 124A. The police acted in flagrant violation of the law. The government has many laws in its arsenal that can be used to silence critics and political rivals. We have seen in recent years the misuse of the UAPA, the NSA, the Public Safety Act and a host of sections of the IPC against people whose writing or speech is not not in line with the government.

RS Sembhi, Ludhiana

Apply traffic rules

It is painful to know that a newly elected MP supported someone who broke traffic rules (“MLA in verbal spat on traffic challan”). About two years ago, I had met with the DSP (Traffic), Patiala, to make suggestions in improving traffic in the city. He claimed that a district deputy had a long conversation with him on the phone and insisted that no checks be carried out in his constituency. Traffic conditions are a hazard in every city in the state and there is no fear of the traffic police. The AAP government has made big promises for improved law and order and must give free rein to smooth traffic.

OP Garg, Patiala

What about education?

It is shocking to learn that the government school, Dhobiana Basti, lacks office space and basic facilities even after spending Rs 1.25 crore on the school building and construction of a swimming pool which does not is still not operational. Since the CM talks about smart schools, its government must prioritize the best education in public schools.

Raj Paul Setia, Bathinda

Encroached land at auction

On the “Government ready to prosecute VIP land sharks”, the Tribune as well as the Minister of Rural Development and Panchayat of Punjab deserve praise for successfully motivating or forcing encroachments out of encroached lands. It’s a good start. These lands can be auctioned off to unemployed young people, who are the backbone of society. Therefore, their drug addiction will end.

Neha Syal, Sangrûr

symbol of love

Refer to “Let Taj remain the eternal symbol of love”; I was born and raised in Agra and have many fond memories of the place. The Taj Mahal should be seen as a symbol of love because people all over the world appreciate its beauty. It really is a beautiful masterpiece.

Reeta Suri, Chandigarh

Oh Taj!

I felt compelled to write the following lines after reading “Let the Taj remain the eternal symbol of love”: The cheek of time sparkles with this tear of love by the side of a river / And, the tear remains there forever or not/The jackals of faith often come to scow upon/Of moonlit nights prowling bare canines/And howling for their bloody part/Having tasted blood once elsewhere./Alas! My eyes also shine with many tears / Love is torn in temple and mosque.

(the first letter of each line together makes ‘TAJ MAHAL’.)

Amritlal Madan, Kaithal

The beauty that is Taj

The Taj Mahal is a great monument and should not be drawn into the petty politics of religion (“Let the Taj remain the eternal symbol of love”). Tagore also wrote a poem about the Taj: “O king, you are no more. Your empire has faded away like a dream, your throne has crumbled… your minstrels sing no more, your musicians no longer mingle their chords with the Jamuna whisper… Still, the courier of your love, untarnished by time, tireless , oblivious to the rise and fall of empires, unconcerned with the ebb and flow of life and death, carry the ageless message of your love from age to age: “Never will I forget you, beloved , never.” Another poet, Yoonoos Peerbocus, in his poem, “A Glimpse of Taj Mahal” captures its beauty: “Wonderful is not so much/The chiseled beauty of the mausoleum/Like the beauty of love/Arrested in its architecture /Starry white dome in starry space/Clouds lit by fiery rays.’

Bilal Ahmad Shamim, Port Blair

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