New rules for short-term vacation rentals come into effect and other highlights from Brownsburg-Chatham council

There are now more rules for short-term vacation rentals in Brownsburg-Chatham.

At the April 5 meeting, the city council gave its third and final approval to a bylaw that limits vacation rentals in 12 areas.

The law defines short-term rental accommodation as a building, or part of a building, available for rent for 28 days or less.

The bylaw imposes an unspecified limit on the number of short-term rental units allowed in each zone. A distance of 100 meters – calculated from the property line – must separate two short-term rental dwellings, and a distance of 50 meters must separate short-term rental buildings that may be considered a source of noise from residences not considered to be noise sources. sources of noise.

Only one short-term rental unit per dwelling is permitted and one parking space per bedroom in the rental unit must be provided.

Owners of short-term rental units must provide proof of Quebec Tourism Industry Corporation (CITQ) to offer the seasonal rental service. A permit is also required for short term rentals. These permits stay with the property itself, not with the owner. Each permit is valid for 12 months and must be renewed when it expires.

Attractive neighborhoods offered

Two significant new housing developments are proposed for Brownsburg-Chatham whose design will integrate well with the surrounding community.

Below Quebec planning laws, all developments must have an architectural design and appearance appropriate to the pre-existing surrounding developments and landscapes.

On April 5, City Council approved a request to ensure the architectural integration of a 279-unit development proposed for the extension of rue des Bouleaux to St-Philippe Est – also known as Whisseltown – which is the sector along Route 148 between Highway 50 and the railway tracks. A similar request was also approved for a development project of approximately 280 units on St-Georges Street in the Village of Brownsburg.

New chief of operations for firefighters

The town of Brownsburg-Chatham has hired a new chief of operations for its fire department.

The board approved the hiring of Jason Neil for the role at its April 5 meeting. According to fire department director Michel Robert, the addition of the new position will help aid the administration of the department and ensure that there are always personnel available to intervene quickly. .

Mayor Kevin Maurice said other municipalities already have similar positions in their fire departments.

The Council has made available $57,600 for salary and other costs associated with the new position. Robert said excess funds were used to cover expenses associated with the position.

Brownsburg-Chatham firefighters are also receiving new respirators. On April 5, the council approved the purchase of the new equipment at a cost of $306,302.50 taxes included.

Wastewater studies approved

On April 5, the Brownsburg-Chatham council approved the expenditure of $21,000 in professional fees associated with an analysis study of the sewage treatment plant to determine its future capacity. Council also approved $6,400 to be spent on professional fees associated with a Brownsburg sewer system capacity study.

Park map given the green light

The development of a new park in the Vieux Verger neighborhood has been approved by Brownsburg-Chatham Council. KAP will develop a preliminary concept for the park at a cost to the city of $7,847.04, taxes included.

Michael J. Chiaramonte