O4S Launches New Business Podcast Series Featuring Industry Leaders

O4S, a SaaS supply chain startup, launched a business podcast named “Expert Keynotes” with the main purpose of bringing the opinion of industry experts to the masses. This bi-monthly podcast from O4S offers a new perspective and topic of discussion on a new industry in every episode.

The first episode of the business podcast saw esteemed industry expert, Mr. Diwaker Bharadwaj, President of Packaging and Brand Protection at Polycab India. He spoke about the importance of Smart Packaging in creating a distinguished brand and deterring counterfeit activities. In the second episode, Mr. Anshuman Marodia, Director -Supply Chain Operations, Pan Seeds. He spoke about the importance of digitalization and automation in the agricultural sector.

The format of O4S’ new corporate podcast is the guest podcast, where the organization invites different guests who are industry deans and have years of experience in various industries. Each episode is an exclusive interview with an industry expert, which is available on the company’s YouTube channel known as “O4S Labs”. These short ‘Expert Keynotes’ episodes, lasting between 20 and 30 minutes, briefly cover the concepts that leading organizations around the world are adopting and using to improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Explaining a bit more about the purpose of corporate podcasts, Divay Kumar – CEO, O4S said, “Often C-level executives or leaders are not easy to contact as they are usually busy due to work commitments. Our platform acts as a medium to connect them with their audience, enables listeners from different industries to understand the expert’s views on relevant topics, and they can understand the expert’s journey and learnings. that change lives on the business podcast”.

Another podcast that O4S Labs runs and is popular on their channel is “WTF- What’s The Flow!” is based on engineering themes. This podcast invites engineers and product innovators who bring architectural and product use cases to technology enthusiasts.

O4S launched in 2017 and has raised over $10 million to date, with a recent Series A investment of $6 million led by Think Investments and Venture Highway. O4S, with its multi-module platform, enables traceability and automation of the supply chain from manufacturing to the retail ecosystem. Solutions help optimize downstream supply chain operations, trade promotion, consumer engagement and brand protection.

Currently, O4S serves more than 50 enterprise customers such as Honeywell, Dulux Paints, Mahindra Agri, Polycab, Essilor, NATCO Pharma, and Mondelez, among others. Additionally, the company is experiencing a 200% increase in revenue year over year.

Michael J. Chiaramonte