St. Cloud Business Celebrates Independent Bookstore Day [PHOTOS]

St. Cloud Business Celebrates Independent Bookstore Day [PHOTOS]

ST. CLOUD — A St. Cloud business was feeling the love at an event to support local bookstores this weekend.

Books Revisited in downtown St. Cloud was one of more than 850 stores across the country to participate in Independent Bookstore Day.

Launched in 2014, the event promoted by the American Booksellers Association takes place on the last Saturday of April and is inspired by Record Store Day. Owner Jon Lee says it’s a day to celebrate books and reading, but also the community that makes stores like this possible.

Our customers are so important. It’s their support that makes the difference and they come and they support us today and they support us every day of the year. So for us, if we can also give something back and be excited about it, it’s a celebration of independent bookstores, but it’s also really part of our customer base.

Lee says there’s something an independent brick-and-mortar location can offer that online and on-chain options can’t.

You can fill your cart on Amazon or do whatever you want, but when you go in and immerse yourself in the books and browse things, a lot of people will say the books find them. That’s really what you gain by having a store in your community.

Books Revisited has been a fixture in the downtown community since 1991 and has occupied its current space since 1998.

In honor of Independent Bookstore Day, the store hosted a visit from guest author Jimmy Olsen, gift cards, refreshments and a 20% discount.

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