Suyu Hydrogen Fuel Company Closes Tens of Millions CNY Funding Round

The hydrogen fuel cell company has completed its seed round worth tens of millions of CNY, led by Unity Ventures. The company reduces the manufacturing cost of the hydrogen fuel cell engine system through the transformation of the integrated electronic control architecture.

Suzhou Suyu Technology (Chinese: 溯驭技术), a manufacturer of the overall hydrogen fuel system solution, pocketed tens of millions of CNY from its angel ride today, led by Unity Ventures, with the participation of K2VC, news portal reported.

This round of funding will be primarily used to develop an integrated hydrogen fuel cell power supply under a new generation of integrated electronic control architecture. The company is also preparing its pre-Series A funding round.

Dong Zhen, the founder of Suyu, said the high cost of the system is one of the main reasons why the hydrogen fuel cell has not yet been widely commercialized. Therefore, it is the cost reduction problem of the fuel cell engine system that Suyu is working on.

Suyu integrates all hydrogen fuel system sub-controllers into a unified central brain, transferring research and development tasks from the controller to the system integrator of blowout preventer (BOP) manufacturers, Dong said. Zen.

This centralized architecture design is not simply stacked and centralized, but requires the construction of a complete integrated electronic control architecture. The advantage is that it can reduce the cost of fuel cell systems, Dong added.

Xie Zhenliang, general manager of Unity Ventures, said that with the expansion of the fuel cell market, the bottom-up separation system can no longer meet the needs of market economy and efficiency, and the integrated design downward will be a new direction. This will greatly reduce the cost of fuel cells and promote the development of the fuel cell market.

The Company’s competitors are SinoHytech, REFIRE, Panxing Technology, BCH Power and Troowin Power System Technology.

Michael J. Chiaramonte