The City chooses a design firm for a fire station | Local News

The Town of Kodiak is moving forward with some of its major construction projects.

City Council approved a $437,836 contract with Wolf Architecture to complete the architectural and engineering services required to develop the design plans for the Kodiak Fire Hall. Even though the city is still in the process of securing funds for the construction of the new fire station, there are enough funds to pay for the design contract.

“I think we have a project that we may have looked at with some trepidation and are now looking at with pure enthusiasm,” Councilman John Whiddon said at the meeting. “We had an architectural firm that produced award-winning projects under budget, on time.”

One of the things that made Wolf stand out from the other five companies that responded to the tender is Wolf’s history of building emergency facilities in rural areas, said City Manager Mike Tvenge.

City Council also approved a $144,805 agreement with ECI Alaska Architecture for construction administration services for the Baranof Park Improvement Project. Construction administration duties include operations and maintenance review, design clarifications, site inspections, and final completion inspection.


City Council has approved budget targets for fiscal year 2023. The targets are the guiding philosophies that will be used when determining the budget for fiscal year 2023.

Goals include conservative revenue estimates based on an objective approach, efficient use of budget, and development of long-term plans to perform necessary maintenance, repairs, replacement, or expansion of city facilities.

There were also specific policies: the city will endeavor to use corporate funds to continue to review the City of Kodiak staff rules and regulations throughout the year, conduct rate studies all the five-year cap on the amount of money that can be awarded to nonprofit organizations up to a maximum of $175,000 until the general fund balance has contained enough money to support 12 months operating expenses.

Significant turnover in the City of Kodiak’s finance department in the summer of 2021 prompted the city to hire BDO USA, LLP. to help with accounting and advisory services. BDO USA will assist the city with preparing its 2021 audit report as well as audit preparations and general accounting duties, while the city seeks to hire senior managers for the finance department.

The contract between the City of Kodiak and BDO USA stipulates that the cost of hiring BDO USA’s services will not exceed $135,000 through May.


Going forward, the city council will only have six months to present a motion that was defeated. Previously, council members could resubmit a rejected motion within 12 months of its rejection.

This is one of four changes to the rules that govern city council meetings. In addition to this rule, in the future, City Council will combine the agenda setting sections for business sessions and regular meetings, update the presiding officers section to clarify the deputy mayor and, when deferring a motion, will set a date for it to be re-heard.

Michael J. Chiaramonte