Vancouver company Ryd expands downtown shuttle service

“We’re still working on those,” Wokal said, with plans underway to also connect to light rail that will be part of the new Interstate 5 bridge.

“With the upcoming bridge project with tracks for light rail – running from Portland to Vancouver – there will be a place for that in downtown Vancouver,” she said. “And Ryd can be their service for the last mile of their journey and also for people crossing the bridge (by car).”

As the pandemic subsides and more people return to work in offices, parking in downtown Vancouver is a priority, Wokal said, with most people using an on-street parking permit or parking in building lots.

For those without guaranteed parking, finding a spot close to work can be a challenge. They can purchase an on-street parking permit for $75 per month, but that doesn’t guarantee a spot. Basic Ryd membership is about $50 a month, Wokal said, a big savings and better service for commuters. Ryd vehicles are restricted to streets with a maximum speed limit of 35 mph.

When Ryd began service in 2018, Steve Kaspan, then the city’s parking manager, said downtown parking is a challenge for everyone, “but the biggest demand is for employee parking.”

Michael J. Chiaramonte