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Williamsport City Hall at 245 West Fourth Street. PHOTO FILE SUN-GAZETTE

Williamsport City Council has learned that a company is backing away from doing an appraisal of City Hall.

Nestarick Appraisal & Consulting has decided not to do an assessment after receiving a positive recommendation earlier in the week from the finance committee.

“We have another company that wants to do it,” said Jon Sander, city engineer. “This proposal will come to the council in a few weeks.”

Attorneys Austin White and Jill Nagy said an appraisal of the building and property is the next best step as the administration decides what to do with City Hall.

City Hall has approximately $6.1 million worth of repairs and upgrades needed to be functional after it was condemned in September due to extensive water damage, then suffered additional water damage due to a broken heating system in December, Sander said.


The final design of Brandon Park Bandshell repairs will be decided another time and the item will remain as is or undecided. The company

offering to do the final design of the bandshell, Ganett Fleming, indicated that he would submit a revised proposal with all the services that were discussed two weeks ago. Architect Michael Snyder told the city engineer he was revising the plan.

The bandshell requires a new roof, stage reinforcement, brick-and-mortar work, and bathroom accessibility improvements. Alternatives such as a vertical lift may be in the design.

The city has $280,000 in funds and pledges from the First Community Foundation of Pennsylvania and funding from Lycoming County for construction, Sander said.

The safety trailer is launched

The Board approved the transfer of $19,000 to pay for a trailer, barricades and support cones for emergencies and special events for the Department of Public Works as required by the State Department of Transportation. The money will come from the American Rescue Plan fund.

Director of Information Technology appointed

Council passed a resolution appointing Kris Black to serve as city manager of the city’s employment side information technology department effective July 1, once the River Valley Transit Authority comes into effect. He is working on a process to move into the city according to the ordinance. As of Sept. 20, the position has a salary of $70,000, a salary that is not expected to change in 2023, said Councilwoman Liz Miele, chair of the finance committee.

Council Chairman Adam Yoder voted against the nomination for the position as presented. Councilor Bonnie Katz was absent.

The next board meeting will be June 23 at 7:00 p.m.

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